Card Protect

Zero liability card insurance

Card Protect provides you with complete confidence, with zero-liability insurance on your fuel card account.

Unlike other fuel card providers our team have regular contact with our clients, from our conversations it is apparent that one of their concerns is the possibility of card fraud.

All of our fuel cards are the most secure method of fuel purchase, more secure than the cash, credit and debit cards, however we take our customers concerns seriously, so in response to we have launched Card Protect to give our clients complete peace of mind.

How does Card Protect Work?

  • All fuel cards are included in this new service.
  • Minimal monthly charge. (Ask your Account Manager for details)
  • Covers you for losses of up to 25,000 litres.
  • When the card has been lost or stolen, contact us with the relevant details of the card.
  • Use My Fleet Hub to report loss/theft of the card. (You will need to apply for a username and password in advance which can be activated by registering online). Alternatively during office hours you can report its loss/theft by phone.
  • Fuel transactions from this point will no longer be your liability.
  • Cover is void if there is evidence of internal fraud or collusion.